Honda Radio Codes – How to get a Honda Radio Code for Free

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Why does the Honda ask for the Radio Code?

Contemporary Honda cars are equipped with anti-theft radio code.  Consider a scenario where your car’s battery is disconnected for some unforeseen reasons. The copy of a radio code is essential for getting out of this situation. As per Honda, this is an anti-theft feature that awards your car with the right safety measures.

It aims to prevent the unauthorized usage of your radio. Nobody will be able to operate the stereo of the car without having access to the right code. Whenever the battery runs out or you want to replace it, you’ll need to enter the radio code or in the other words, your Honda car will ask for the radio code.

Retrieving the Honda Radio Code – What’s the Process?

Obtain Honda Radio Code

Well, there are several ways of retrieving the radio code of your Honda car. Let’s check them out here now!!

First and foremost, you can consider looking in to the glove box or the owner manual. You can find it out inside the glove box in a sticker. It includes the radio signal number too.

Another way out is to bring your Honda to the local dealer. They can help you to retrieve the radio code.

Else, you can visit the homepage of our website for retrieving the Honda radio code, without any costs through a unique method.

You need to know the

  • Honda car model
  • Email
  • VIN Number

The combination of the device’s serial number and vehicle’s VIN is imperative to find the Honda Radio Code.

The VIN code of Honda is alphanumeric in nature. However, it does not contain spaces the letters I, O, and Q, as they can be difficult to understand.  You can use this 17-digit code on Honda’s website to find the radio codes.

You will also find detailed vehicle information or the VIN number on the insurance card. Check out the windshield and the glove compartment. You will notice a hardy sticker with some numbers on it.

If you are facing trouble finding it in your car, check your financial information such as the service statement and new owner’s survey to find it.

The procedure to identify the device’s serial number tends to vary from one vehicle to another. You can find it on the anti-theft sticker of your car such as the glove box. You may not find it easily or readily available.  In Honda Odyssey 2013 and 2014, you can exempt these steps because it is not necessary to input a security code.

Turn on the device and the vehicle, and make sure it displays the “Code” message. Then, you need to turn the device off and press-hold the 1 and 6 radio buttons.  You can see an alphanumeric code that begins with a letter U followed by four digits.  The succeeding screen will display a second alphanumeric code. It is important that you ignore the letters in the serial number and jolt down only the integer when you try to retrieve the Honda Radio Code.

Inputting the Honda Radio Code

enter honda radio code

When you get the Honda Radio Code, you can input it by using the radio-preset button. Once you enter the code, the radio will start working.

It is simple to enter the Honda Radio Code. All you need to do is follow the same set of protocols with minor adjustments for inputting your code. Make sure to keep your engine off before turning your ignition keys to the accessory position.

When it displays “Code” or “Enter Code” – you need to use the one and six radio preset dials for entering the code.  You will now have a fully functional and activated radio.

Do not hesitate to take the help of professionals if you have any difficulty or feel uncomfortable with any part of this process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Radio Codes

How long does it take to get the radio to unlock code?

Usually within 30 minutes to 24 hours, (After receiving the required information).

How do I get the code?

All codes will be emailed.

It has been 24 hours, but I have not received the code yet.

It happens if-

  • Vehicle information (model number VIN # etc.) was not received.
  • The delivery of the email failed because it went back to “email that can’t be delivered” list. (Make sure all “email blockers” are off).
  • The email-id is incorrect (Please check the email sent to see if it is wrong or send another email address).
  • The VIN number is incorrect.
  • The sent vehicle model was incorrect (re-check the vehicle model).

How to run the search code on Honda radio

Open Honda Radio using the official database. In some cases, two codes can be provided. This is due to the model differences.

Why do I need a radio code?

The radio cable is required while removing the power from the unit. This can happen if the mechanic has to cut or level the battery.

The code is placed as required as a means of theft and cannot be reused on the radio if the theft is caught.

Why did you receive two radio codes?

This is because Honda Radio has two different shapes, and the chord specified is usually four digits, the other is five and one of the icons fits the stereo.

Is the radio unit completely locked if I enter the wrong code?

The radio is not fully locked after the first three attempts, and after a third attempt, transitions to a waiting period of 30-60 minutes before entering another code.

When it comes to finding out Honda Radio Codes, you can use our website to make the things convenient. If you have the VIN number, you will be able to obtain the code from the website. It is imperative that you provide the exact car model, valid email address, and the VIN number for securely accessing the code.

Remember, if anyhow your battery is disconnected you need to activate the Honda radio with failing which you will not be able to use it.  Honda’s anti-theft mechanism provides a higher level of security but at times, it may be a cause of great inconvenience if you need to reactivate it repeatedly.

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